How to Troubleshoot a GE Bottom Freezer Icemaker

Sommer Leigh

Troubleshoot problems with your GE bottom freezer icemaker to keep it producing clear, clean pieces of ice. Often when the icemaker is not used correctly, it may not produce ice at all or may produce pieces of ice that are small, hollow, watery or have a bad odor or taste. If you can troubleshoot the source of the issue, using one of GE's recommended solutions should clear up the problem quickly.

  1. Remove and reinstall the icemaker filter cartridge so it locks in place if the icemaker does not produce ice cubes. Replace the filter if it continues not to work.

  2. Check for obstructions in the door if the ice cubes are slow to freeze in the icemaker. If something is keeping the door ajar, it will affect whether the ice cubes freeze. Turn the temperature down by one to two degrees on the control panel, if the ice cubes continue not to freeze.

  3. Cover food items well when placing them in the freezer compartment, if your ice cubes start to develop a bad odor or taste. Clean the interior of the freezer and the refrigerator to remove odors.

  4. Press and release the "Ice Off/Lock" button on the control panel if you hear a buzzing sound when your water supply is not yet connected. If you have an LCD model, press "Setting" and "System" to turn off this control.

  5. Replace the filter cartridge if the icemaker starts producing small or hollow cubes.

  6. Wait 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely cool after plugging it in before it may start to produce ice. If it still doesn't produce ice, make sure the water supply is connected. Check the ice bin; level the cubes if they have piled up. Turn off the icemaker and remove any stuck cubes.