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How to Remove the Closed Captioning on a Magnavox 27Mt3305/17 TV Without the Original Remote

Andrew Todd

The Magnavox 27MT3305/17 is a 27 inch CRT television monitor. The 27MT3305/17 has inputs for coaxil, composite and S-video signals, and includes a remote control that allows you to change the channel and volume, as well as adjust television settings. The television includes a closed caption setting that displays the audio on the screen as text. This is a helpful feature if watching television in a noisy environment, however you may wish to turn this feature off when it is not needed. The closed caption feature can be turned off using the remote or directly from the television.

  1. Program the universal remote, according to the remote manufacturer's instructions. To program the remote to operate the Magnavox 27MT3305, use any of the following remote codes: 006, 007, 010, 011, 013, 016.

  2. Locate the "Picture-in-Picture" button, which may be labeled as "PIP," on the universal remote control.

  3. Press the "Picture-In-Picture" button repeatedly until the words "CC OFF" is displayed on the screen.