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How to Unlock a Hoveround

Amie Taylor

The Hoveround Power Chair is a motorized wheelchair that makes it possible for those with limited mobility to become more independent. Available in five models--including front and rear wheel drive--the Hoveround makes it easy to maneuver tight spots, which are difficult to navigate when using a non-motorized wheelchair. Users are able to lock and unlock the vehicle for safety and security. If you've locked your Hoveround and can't remember how to unlock it, a few simple steps will enable you to operate your Hoveround again.

  1. Depress the "On/Off" button to activate the control system. The lights on the speed/response indicator will flash up and down.

  2. Push the navigation stick forward and hold it in that position until you hear a beep.

  3. Push the navigation stick backward and hold it in that position until you hear a beep.

  4. Release the navigation stick.

  5. Listen for the long beep that indicates your Hoveround is now unlocked and ready for use.