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How to Release Propane From a Tank

Matt McGew

Propane gas is a type of gas commonly used as a fuel for barbecues, stoves, heating systems and engines. Specialty tanks store this propane for later use, and these tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At times, you may need to release the propane from the tank so that you can transport, safely store or refill the tank. You can release the propane by attaching a propane release valve to the tank.

  1. Find a secure outside area away from any flammable substances or flames.

  2. Attach the propane release valve to the end of your propane tank's OPD valve. Securely fasten the hose end connection of the release value by turning the connection in a clockwise motion.

  3. Activate the release valve. Typically, you will activate the release valve by pressing and holding the release button.

  4. Listen for the gas escaping from the release valve. When you can no longer hear the gas escaping, the propane tank is empty and you have successfully released the propane from the tank.