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How to Remove a Schlage Interchangeable Core Lock

Kenneth Crawford

Interchangeable core locks enable you to change out the entire cylinder core rather than replace entire locksets when rekeying is necessary. Interchangeable core locks are often in commercial applications such as office buildings and warehouses. Removing a Schlage interchangeable core lock requires the master control key that comes with the lock. The master control key is slightly longer than the normal entry key. The master key operates the seventh pin that the normal key does not reach.

  1. Insert the master control key into the Schlage interchangeable core lock. Insert the key fully up to the shoulder of the key. The shoulder is the corner between the cut part of the key and the part you hold to turn the key.

  2. Turn the key clockwise 15 degrees or until the key stops. Do not force the key once it stops. You will feel the interchangeable core release.

  3. Pull the key away from the Schlage lock bringing the interchangeable core with the key.