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How to Reprogam a PED Basic Card Reader

A PED Basic card reader is used to read and write to embroidery memory cards. It comes with a PED Basic software program that allows you to download an embroidery design, perform simple editing to embroidery data ".pes" files, and write the file to the original card. There are various .pes files you can obtain online that you can edit and load to your embroidery machine. Like any other memory card, the PED memory card can have problems. Reprogramming the card will restore it to its original state and allow it to work again.

  1. Insert the embroidery card into the PED Basic card reader that is connected to your computer.

  2. Double-click on "My Computer" to open the folder.

  3. Find the memory card from the list of available drives. Right-click on the memory card drive and select "Format."

  4. Click on "Start" to reformat the memory card. Reformatting will delete any data stored on the card and is irreversible.

  5. Watch for a pop-up window confirming that the reformatting process was successful.