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How to Print My JetBlue Itinerary

Stephen Lilley

Your JetBlue itinerary tracks the boarding, departure and arrival times of your flight. As soon as you finalize the purchase of a ticket on the JetBlue airline, you are emailed a copy of this itinerary. It is always a good idea to print out your itinerary and take it with you to the airport so you know where you have to be at specific times and don't miss your flight.

  1. Print your itinerary via the email you were sent immediately after purchasing your ticket. Open your email client and select the email you received from JetBlue. Click "File" and "Print" in your Web browser or email reader to print off your full itinerary on a sheet of paper.

  2. Locate and print your ticket via the JetBlue website (jetblue.com). Click "Manage Flights" at the top of the main JetBlue website. Type your last name into the box on the screen and click "Find my Flight Details." Click on your itinerary and click "File" and "Print."

  3. Go to a JetBlue check-in kiosk at your local airport. Swipe your credit card at the kiosk to load your flight information. Click on the listing for your itinerary and select the "Print" option.