How to Fix the Full Screen on the "Blur" PC Game

If you are experiencing issues when playing the "Blur" PC game in full-screen mode, as opposed to "Windowed" mode, this means that your game and monitor are not set to the same resolution. Adjusting the resolution of your game to match that of your PC game can eliminate this problem.

Step 1

Right-click anywhere on your desktop.

Step 2

Click "Screen Resolution." Note the screen resolution that is displayed. If you need to, write down the number so you don't forget. This is the resolution that your copy of the "Blur" PC game needs to be running at.

Step 3

Close the "Screen Resolution" window.

Step 4

Place your "Blur" game disc in your PC and start the game. Select "Settings" from the main menu.

Step 5

Select "Video" and "Resolution." Adjust the resolution of the game to match that of your monitor. With both components running at the same resolution there will be a seamless transition between the "Windowed" and "Full Screen" versions of the "Blur" PC game.

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