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How to Get the Model Number Off of a Serial Number From a Hyster Forklift

Stephen Lilley

Just because you don't know the model number of your Hyster Forklift doesn't mean you can't find this information out. The serial number is printed on an identification card attached to the side of your forklift and is unique to your specific unit.

Certain numbers on the serial number identify exactly when the unit was made; you can then use this information to find its exact model number.

  1. Write down the serial number of your Hyster forklift on a piece of paper. This will save you the trouble of needing to constantly look at the identification plate affixed to the side of the unit to find this information.

  2. Look at the letter on the end of your serial number. The letter at the end of the serial number specifies the year in which the Hyster forklift was made. For example, if the last letter is "E" that means your forklift was made in 2007.

  3. Open your web browser and visit the Hyster forklift product website.

  4. Type the year in which your Hyster forklift was made into the "Search" box and click "OK." This will return a list of forklifts produced in that year. Scroll through the results and read the product descriptions until you locate the unit that matches the technical specifications of your own. The model number will be listed on that page.