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How to Identify Singer Sewing Machine Cabinets

Sylvia Cini

The Singer company has been producing sewing appliances and accessories since 1851. Many of the company's products are valued as collectible antiques and vintage items, so correctly identifying your Singer unit is an important part of estimating its age and worth. To make this process easier for the consumer, Singer publishes an extensive list of model numbers and dates on its website. You can use this list to identify machines, mounts and sewing centers.

  1. Look for the "Singer" logo to verify that the cabinet is a Singer; the logo takes three primary forms: the word "Singer," a decorative "S" with scroll-work, and an "S" bearing the text "Singer Sewing Machines" in front of a seamstress.

  2. Check for a manufacturer's label, model number or year on the underside, inside or back of the cabinet; this information may be printed on a paper label. Look for this info on the accompanying sewing machine if it isn't found on the cabinet.

  3. Look up the model number and year on the Singer or International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society website (ismacs.net).

  4. Contact Singer consumer affairs for assistance identifying the piece. Take photographs and note salient features such as construction material, color and the style of door pull so that you can provide accurate information to speed up the process. Contact Singer at 1-800-4-Singer or [email protected].