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How to Read a Peerless Boiler Serial Number

Bryan Roberts

Peerless boilers provide heat for a home or other building by heating certain substances, such as oil or water. If you need to know how old your boiler is, or you need to find a specific part or repair instructions, you can do so by locating the boiler's serial number. Using the serial number, you can determine specifics about the boiler's model and manufacturing date.

Step 1

Turn your boiler off and wait for it to cool down. Examine the back of the boiler to find the device's information sticker.

Step 2

Record your boiler's serial number. To determine the age of your boiler, look at the numbers after the serial number's dash. If the number ends in a four-digit code, then the boiler was made before the year 2000 with the last two numbers of the code indicating the exact year the boiler was made. If the number ends in a six-digit code, the boiler was made after the year 2000 and the last three to four numbers indicate the month and year the boiler was made.

Step 3

Turn your boiler back on and keep your serial number recorded in an easily accessible location.