Where Can I Find My Carrier Furnace Model Numbers?

Irene A. Blake

A Carrier furnace has an alphanumeric model number. Carrier uses this number as a reference for identifying the furnace in a service situation when you need to schedule maintenance and repair work, order parts or make a claim under warranty.


Established in 1902, Carrier is an American company headquartered in Connecticut that primarily focused on residential and commercial air-cooling inventions and workable systems and then expanded its product offerings to include refrigeration and heating systems.

Furnace Types

Carrier manufactures and sells gas and oil furnaces. These forced-air heating systems have fuel efficiency ratings ranging from approximately 80 to 96 percent.


The model number is on a rating plate sticker attached to the inside of the unit on the left side near the top. Accessing the sticker requires that you remove and set aside your furnace’s front door.