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How to Read a Single Stator Watt Hour Meter

Stephen Lilley

A single stator watt hour meter is a device installed on the outside or inside of your house that keeps track of how much electricity you're using. A single meter means that it only has one row of dials as opposed to two or three. Reading a watt hour meter involves more than just looking at it -- you have to know how to make sense of all the rotating dials and translate that into electrical use.

  1. Locate the single stator watt hour meter on the inside or outside of your home. Face the watt hour meter so that you can see the dials.

  2. Write down the numbers that are being highlighted by the indicator arms on each of the individual dials. Write down the far right number first, then the next number, then the next number until you write down all the numbers. If the indicator arm on the dial is pointing directly in between two numbers, write down whichever number has a lower value.

  3. Read the number on your piece of paper. This is the number of watt hours currently being displayed by your single stator watt hour meter.