Precision Gold Metal Detector Instructions

The Precision Gold metal detector is a device used for finding metal objects underneath the ground. The Precision Gold detector can search for objects up to 7 inches under the earth. It also has a retractable arm, so it can be shortened if a child wants to use it. The device is knob-controlled, so you can adjust the settings in order to search for specific metals. The device is ideal for trying to find precious metals, such as those used in jewelry or coins.

The Precision Gold metal detector is ideal for trying to find coins.
  1. Open the battery door at the rear of the meter on top of the detector and insert two 9-volt batteries according to the polarity diagrams inside the compartment. Close the battery door.

  2. Slide your arm into the padded armrest of the Precision Gold detector and grip the detector's handle.

  3. Slide the arm in or out to lengthen it or shorten it, depending on how tall you are.

  4. Turn the knob on the right side of the meter clockwise to turn the detector on. You can also adjust the meter's sensitivity from this knob. Turning it all the way to the right is the highest sensitivity setting.

  5. Locate the toggle switch at the right side of the meter and set it. When the switch is in the middle, it will search for most metals. If it is flipped to the left, it won't detect a lot of waste and trash, and if you flip the switch to the right, it will reject metals like iron and focus on more precious metals.

  6. Stand straight up with the detector sensor about 1/2 inch above the ground.

  7. Walk along the surface you intend to inspect, moving the sensor slowly from side to side. This is called "sweeping."

  8. Look at the meter readout on the front of the meter and listen for beeps. If the sensitivity is set to "High," you will be using the detector to its utmost capacity, but you may be getting too many readings. Adjust the sensitivity to the desired level. When the beeping is at its loudest and the needle on the meter is all the way to the right, you have detected metal.