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How to Remove Plastic Wall Hangers

Kenneth Crawford

One way to avoid using anchors in the wall to hang lightweight objects is to use small plastic wall anchors. Plastic wall anchors most commonly secure to the wall using either small pins or tape. These types of hangers are made specifically for hanging on hollow interior walls.

When you are redecorating or moving, it is necessary to remove the plastic wall hangers. Fortunately, the design of these types of hangers leaves very little damage behind, if any at all.

Plastic Hangers With Pins

  1. Slide a rigid 2-inch putty knife blade between the back of the hanger and the wall on one side.

  2. Pry the hanger away from the wall carefully as far as you can on the one side.

  3. Move the putty knife to the other side of the hanger and pry the hanger completely away from the wall.

Plastic Hangers With Tape

  1. Grab the hook with your fingers and slide it up. The hook slides on the back part of the bracket and comes off the bracket as you slide it up.

  2. Hold the base at each end with your fingers, but do not press the base against the wall.

  3. Grab the release tab at the bottom of the base with your other hand. The release tab is the rubbery portion at the bottom of the bracket.

  4. Pull down slowly on the release tab and stretch it until the bracket releases from the wall.