How to Hang a Fathead

Tivi Jones

Fatheads are durable vinyl, fade-resistant graphics of athletes, celebrities and action figures. While Fatheads are easy to install, remove and reinstall as needed, there are a few things to remember before installing your Fathead wall graphic.

Fatheads are installed using two people and a squeegee

It's important to start with a clean, flat, interior surface and be wary of the Fathead sticking to itself.


When installing a large Fathead, it's best to complete the installation with the help of another person. Measure the surface before you start to ensure your fathead will fit and to align the placement. If your Fathead decal comes in two parts, install the bottom half first. Save the protective backing. You can reuse it if you decide to relocate the Fathead.


Don't put your Fathead on a freshly painted wall. Allow 30 days for the paint to cure.

  1. Unroll your Fathead. Allow some time for your Fathead decal to flatten out before installing it.

  2. Gently wipe the decal with a damp, lint-free cloth to remove dust and particles from the surface.

  3. Peel the backing from the Fathead slowly, from the top edge to the bottom edge.

  4. Place one corner of the decal on a clean, dry wall and press it using light hand pressure. Slowly apply the rest of the Fathead to the wall, smoothing as you go.

  5. Smooth out any bubbles in your Fathead using a squeegee or roller, moving from the center outward. New Fatheads come with a roller.