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How to Hang 54 Inch Vinyl Wallpaper

Kimberly Johnson

Vinyl wallpaper is similar to traditional paper wallpaper except that it has thin polyvinyl coating on the surface, which makes it more durable. Vinyl wallpaper can be used anywhere, although it is usually installed in offices, hotels and other places that receive high traffic. Vinyl wallpaper that is 54 inches wide costs more, but it allows the installer to cover the walls of large areas quicker than with smaller rolls of wallpaper.

Vinyl wallpaper is more durable than paper-based wallpaper.

Step 1

Spread plastic drop cloths over the entire surface of the floor in the room where you will be wallpapering. You should also cover any items attached to the wall, such as sinks and tubs, to keep them clean as well.

Step 2

Open a can of wallpaper primer and pour it into a paint tray. Insert a paint roller into the paint tray. Use the roller to coat each wall in the room with a light coat of primer. Allow the primer to dry overnight.

Step 3

Place a ladder next to the wall. Use a tape measure to measure from the top of the wall all the way to the floor.

Step 4

Unroll the 54-inch vinyl wallpaper on the floor with the back facing upward. Transfer the wall measurement onto the back of the 54-inch vinyl wallpaper using a pencil. Cut across the pencil line with scissors.

Step 5

Apply a thin coat of cellulose wallpaper adhesive to the back of the cut piece of wallpaper using a stiff-bristled wallpaper brush or a roller. Make sure to cover every inch of the wallpaper, including the sides and the corners.

Step 6

Pick the wallpaper up gently and climb the ladder in one corner of the room. Align the top of the wallpaper with the top of the wall as well as the edge of the wallpaper with the corner. Press the wallpaper down firmly. Smooth the wallpaper out with your hands, working your way down the length of the wall. You may need an assistant to install 54-inch vinyl wallpaper due to its width and the weight.

Step 7

Return to the top of the wallpaper. Place a wallpaper roller in the center top of the vinyl wallpaper. Move the roller toward the edge of the wallpaper to remove any air bubbles and excess adhesive. Continue until you have rolled the entire piece of wallpaper.

Step 8

Dip a sponge in warm water, then wring it out as much as possible. Wipe the entire surface of the wallpaper with the sponge to remove excess adhesive.

Step 9

Cut off any excess wallpaper at the baseboard of the floor using a utility knife.

Step 10

Repeat the process to install additional pieces of wallpaper until all of the walls are covered.