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How to Glue Down Laminate Flooring Edge Strips

Ciele Edwards

Your laminate flooring installation isn't over once the new flooring is in place. Laminate, like hardwood flooring, must have room to expand and contract. Because of this, professional flooring installers leave a slight gap between the edge of the flooring and the wall. This gap is necessary to prevent buckling. Unfortunately, its also unsightly, and your baseboards do little to hide it. Installing edge strips, however, can solve the problem. Edge strips, often called quarter round, are a thin, light base molding that hides the gap between your laminate floor and the wall.

Install quarter round laminate edge trim at the bottom of your baseboards.

Step 1

Measure the gap between your laminate flooring and the wall. Purchase edge strips that are twice the width of the gap. This ensures that your edging will completely hide the gap.

Step 2

Remove any spacers between your laminate floor and the wall.

Step 3

Lay your edge strip down flush with both the floor and the wall, starting at a corner. Nail each strip directly to the baseboard or drywall with 2-inch nails until you reach the corner.

Step 4

Cut the end of the corner piece of edging at a 45-degree angle, using the miter saw. Rest the angled piece in the corner. Nail the strip into place approximately 1 inch from the angled cut.

Step 5

Cut the end of the subsequent strip of edging at a 45-degree angle in the opposite direction.

Step 6

Trace the inside edge of the piece of trim already attached to the wall with wood glue.

Step 7

Press the edge of the newly cut piece of trim firmly into place alongside the previous strip's glued edge. Hold the glued piece of trim in place for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This gives the wood glue time to set.

Step 8

Wipe away any glue that squeezes out of the gap with a damp cloth. Nail and glue the remainder of the trim around the room in the same manner.