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How to Flatten Out a Lump in Wall to Wall Carpet

Lisa Wampler

If you have a lump in your carpet, it likely means that the carpet stretched. This can happen over time due to elements such as humidity and direct sunlight. You can repair this on your own even if you have wall-to-wall-carpet in a room. Unfortunately, you can expect the process to be somewhat labor-intensive, as it requires the removal of floor molding and administering carpet installation methods such as re-stretching.

Stretching carpet can take a while.

Step 1

Place a 4-inch putty knife between the wall and floor molding, and then wedge the curved end of a pry bar between the putty knife and molding. Pry the molding off the wall. Do this with all of the floor molding in the room.

Step 2

Pull upward on the carpet to pull it from the walls and off of the tack strips.

Step 3

Put the "knee kick" tool on the carpet with the square head of the tool resting against the wall. Strike the spring-loaded end of the knee kick tool with your knee to compact the tool and to stretch the carpet to the wall. Move down the wall approximately 12 inches, and then repeat the process until you stretch the carpet along the entire wall. As you strike the knee kick tool, it stretches the carpet and seats it onto the tack strip to secure the carpet back to the floor.

Step 4

Tack the carpet to the wall by hammering it back down onto the tack strips with a hammer.

Step 5

Repeat this on the opposite side of the room. Once you stretch the carpet in one direction, move to a different wall and repeat the process. Once you complete the third wall, move to the wall across from the third and complete it.