How to Remove Carpet From a Concrete Floor

Some homeowners find comfort in carpeted basements, while others do not. Removing carpet from a concrete floor can require some elbow work and some time. There are two methods for attaching carpet to the floor: tack strips or glue. This is the time consuming section of carpet removal. Let’s begin!

Installing Carpet
  1. Consider what you are going to do with the carpet. Are you throwing it away or are you going to salvage it?

  2. Cut the carpet into sections so it is easier to carry out of the room if you are throwing it out. Carry it out of the room.

  3. Work on one side of the wall and roll towards the other end making sure not to tear the carpet on the tack strips if you are salvaging it. Carry it out of the room.

  4. Place a pry bar at the nail in the tack strip.

  5. Hit the pry bar two times with a hammer knocking the tack strip and concrete screw loose.

  6. Continue to remove the remaining concrete screws which should be located every 1 3/4 feet along with the tack strip.

  7. Mop four square feet of surface with hot water.

  8. Use a razor to scrape the soft adhesive and throw away the adhesive immediately.

  9. Treat the adhesive with a chemical adhesive remover following the manufacturer's directions.

  10. Sand the remaining areas with rough grit sandpaper.

  11. Tip

    Ventilate the room if chemical adhesive remover is used.