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A DIY Red Carpet Aisle Runner

Kimberly Dyke

Nothing makes an event more special and glamorous than rolling out the red carpet for your guests. Make each entrance a grand one with a red carpet aisle runner that you put together yourself.

Roll out the red carpet for your next event.

Purchasing a custom-size carpet runner can be expensive, but the price drops significantly when you are willing to begin with a remnant or a raw-edged piece of carpet and make the finishing touches yourself. Guests may even stop to pose for the paparazzi when it's their turn to walk the red carpet.

  1. Measure the length and width of your aisle to determine the size you want your carpet runner to be.

  2. Take your measurements to a flooring warehouse or retail store. Have the store clerk cut a piece of red carpet runner in the length you need.

  3. Trim all of the carpet edges with a knife to make sure they are straight and free from loose threads.

  4. Bind the edges of the carpet with an adhesive binding tape. Begin in the middle of the carpet and work your way around the corners.

  5. Secure the carpet to the floor with duct tape or carpet tacks at each end.