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How to Install Trafficmaster Carpet Tiles

Kayar Sprang

TrafficMASTER makes a variety of floor coverings, including carpet tiles. The tiles are easy to handle and quick and easy to install. Since they come with an adhesive backing, there's no messy glue to deal with. Once they are in place, all the room should need is vacuuming to keep the carpet looking attractive. And, if a tile is stained or damaged, you can easily remove it and replace it with a new one.

Step 1

Check the floor to make sure it's clean and dry. Wash if necessary. Vacuum the floor to remove all loose dust, dirt and debris.

Step 2

Put on your safety goggles. Measure and mark the middle points of opposite walls. Snap chalk lines at the points so you have two lines that intersect in the center of the room.

Step 3

Start laying the TrafficMASTER carpet tiles at the center of the room. Lay the first four tiles down so they make a square. Peel the backing strip off the first tile. Position it so its right edge is on the line. Press the carpet tile firmly in place.

Step 4

Peel the backing strip off the second tile. Position it beside the first tile. Press it down firmly. Lay the third and fourth carpet tiles down.

Step 5

Lay the remaining TrafficMASTER Carpet Tiles down around the remainder of the room. Use a utility or carpet knife to trim or cut tiles to fit. Use a carpenter's square to help you cut straight edges or angles.