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How to Transition From One Color Tile to Another

Heather Montgomery

If you are installing tile in a room that joins with an existing tile floor of a different color, use a tile transition. A tile transition is a strip of tiles that is put where two different color tile floors meet. The transitions are often small tiles in colors that complement both tile choices. Attractive tile transitions are important to give your home a uniform look and soften the change from one color to another. Choose a tile strip that will not only enhance the beauty of your tile floor, but will also complement the decor and colors of both rooms.

Use a strip of coordinating tiles to transition from one color to another.
  1. Measure the length of the transition. Lay out the tile strip and mark where you will need to cut the strip to allow it to fit correctly. Cut the tile strip on a tile or wet saw.

  2. Apply a thin layer of mortar to the floor with a notched trowel. Set the tile in place. Press firmly on the tile to ensure a good bond with the mortar. Allow the mortar to set according to the manufacturer's directions.

  3. Use a rubber float to apply grout to the tile. Press firmly to get the grout in between the tiles. Allow the grout to set for 15 minutes, and then use a damp sponge to remove any grout residue from the floor.