How to Clean Vitrified Floor Tiles

Mel Frank

Vitrified floor tiles are compacted, high-gloss tiles that are highly durable and easy to maintain. When you want to clean these floor tiles, the process requires little work as the gloss finish provides a protective barrier that prevents liquid and stains from penetrating the tile.

Clean vitrified floor tiles with a homemade cleaner.

Instead of using a high-priced commercial tile cleaner, make your own cleaning solution.

  1. Sweep the floors at least once per week to collect dust and other loose elements that may cause damage to the flooring.

  2. Run a mop under hot water, wring it out and wipe it across the vitrified tiles. Let the flooring air-dry and keep all foot traffic off the floor until dry to prevent footprints from drying onto your clean floor.

  3. Mix 1 cup white vinegar and 1 gallon hot water in a bucket for a more thorough cleaning. Again, dip the mop into the solution, wring it out and wipe it over the flooring. Allow the floor to air-dry and keep foot traffic off the floor as it dries.