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How to Wax School Floors

Jennifer Patterson

School floors get a lot of traffic throughout the school year. Therefore, the floor can become dull after a period of time. Waxing the school floors can help to make them keep their luster and look cleaner for a longer time. Waxing the floor also makes it easier to clean. To wax school floors, you will need a few basic items and the right technique. Waxes can either be nonbuff or buff. Although it is easier to use waxes that don't require buffing, wax that needs buffing provides a lasting effect.

Waxing school floor takes little effort.
  1. Clean the school floor thoroughly before waxing it. Remove chairs, tables and other school furniture. Vacuum or sweep the floor to remove dust. Wipe the floor with a wet mop and allow it to dry.

  2. Apply the wax to the school floor with a mop that has a sponge head, starting from the middle of the room toward the wall. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying the wax.

  3. Let the wax dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer's required time frame. Apply a second application of wax to the floor. Allow the wax to dry thoroughly and then use a clean dry mop to buff the floor to give it a shiny luster.