How to Deep Clean Terrazzo Tile Floors

Megan Lawless

Terrazzo floors are not only beautiful, but also very durable. Terrazzo is made by embedding pieces of marble in concrete and then polishing the surface to be very smooth. As a result of terrazzo's smooth and high-shine finish, it can show stains and scratches very easily.

Caring for your terrazzo tile floor properly will ensure it continues to look beautiful for many years to come.


To disinfect periodically, use a steam floor cleaner.


  1. Mix one part cleaner and one part clean hot water in the bucket. Since terrazzo tile is porous, the hot water will penetrate the tile for a deep clean. Let the solution sit on the floor for a few minutes before mopping.

  2. Mop the floor, using even strokes to avoid scratching or streaking.

  3. Mix two parts baking soda and one part water to create a paste for cleaning stained grout. Apply the paste to the grout and scrub thoroughly with the toothbrush. For tough stains, the paste may need to sit on the grout for several minutes.

  4. Mop up all cleaning solution completely to prevent dirt from reabsorbing into the tiles. Once the entire floor has been mopped, thoroughly rinse all the cleaner and dirt from the mop and wipe up any excess baking soda paste. Clean the bucket and fill it with clean hot water. Rinse the floor with the clean hot water to prevent a film from developing on the floor.