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Can I Use a Floor Steamer to Clean Slate?

Jennifer Eblin

Cleaning slate tiles or slate flooring with a traditional mop is difficult because you can’t reach the grout in between the tiles. Steam cleaning is not only safe for slate, but completely cleans the area and removes bacteria and other dangerous substances.

Slate is strong enough to stand up to a steam cleaner.


Steam cleaning is possible with either a steam cleaning mop or a steam cleaner. Mops have special grooves that reach the areas in between the tiles. If using a steam cleaner, use a nylon brush attachment, which won’t scratch or damage the slate.

Cleaning Process

Before cleaning the slate, vacuum or sweep any dust and debris from the surface. Use a large brush on the top of the slate tiles and then go over the surface again with the nylon brush attachment. You may need to brush away any trapped debris from the grout areas.


If you’re hesitant to steam clean the slate yourself, hire a professional cleaner.