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How to Reseal a Tile Floor

Casey Holley

Despite the ease of care generally associated with tile flooring, you will have to reseal the floor. This prevents moisture and regular use from damaging the tile and grout. Under normal conditions, you should reseal the floor every three to four years.

However, in heavy traffic areas, you may need to do this every two years.

  1. Sweep the floor with a broom and use a dustpan to pick up the dirt and debris. You need to have a clean and smooth surface prior to applying the tile floor. Be sure to sweep near the kickboards and under appliances that you will move when you reseal.

  2. Clean the floor with vinegar and water. Mix one part vinegar with five parts warm water. Apply with a sponge mop. Scrub any areas that have extremely dirty areas. You can use a toothbrush if necessary.

  3. Use a wet floor-cleaning machine to clean the floor. This will get more dirt and grime off than a broom or mop.

  4. Apply a penetrating tile sealer to the floor according the manufacturer’s directions. This is usually done using a paint brush. As you apply the sealer, be sure that you do so in straight lines.

  5. Allow the sealer to dry completely before walking on the tiles. Some manufacturers recommend that you rinse the tiles with plain water 24 to 48 hours after you complete the reseal.

  6. Tip

    Wear goggles and gloves when resealing the tiles.