How to Clean Mexican Tile Floors

Gail Marie

True Mexican tiles are handmade and fired at low temperatures, if not baked in the sun. They are therefore not perfectly flat or perfectly shaped, giving the room they are in a softer, textured look. Though they are available in a variety of colors, Mexican tiles are most often a terracotta beige, orange or red.

Terracotta tile

Always seal Mexican tile floors with the appropriate sealant to maximize life span. Otherwise, the tiles are highly absorbent and can easily be damaged. Regularly but lightly cleaning a sealed Mexican tile floor is easy and requires few materials.

  1. If possible, remove all furniture and rugs from the floor.

  2. Thoroughly sweep all dust and dirt from the floor with a broom or vacuum the debris with the floor tool attached to your vacuum-cleaner hose.

  3. Fill a bucket with water. This is usually enough to clean the floor. (Yes, just water.)

  4. However, you may add one cup of white vinegar for every gallon of water or use a cleaner meant for Mexican tiles like Maintain by Aldon or Sofix Stone.

  5. Saturate a mop in the bucket's solution; then squeeze out the excess so that the mop is more damp than wet.

  6. Thoroughly mop your Mexican tile floor, changing the solution if it gets too dirty.

  7. Allow the floor to dry before replacing rugs or furniture.

  8. Tip

    If water beads up on your floor, your sealer is still working. If it does not bead or if it beads in some places but not others, it may be time to reseal your Mexican tile floor