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How to Remove a Cork Wall

Claudia Henning

Physically removing the cork wall tile from a cork wall is a small part of the total job. The remaining hard deposits of adhesive will need removed before any other type of wall finish is applied. Knowing the brand of adhesive used will help, but simple trial and error may be required. "Adhesive removers are very closely related to paint strippers. The reason is very simple: paint is simply a colored glue. Many of the companies that produce paint strippers manufacture adhesive removers," states Tim Carter of AskTheBuilder.com.

Removing a cork wall also involves removing the adhesive that holds it in place.
  1. Slide a putty knife between the edges of the cork wall tile to separate them. Begin pulling them free of the sheetrock wall. Dispose of the tiles in a garbage bag.

  2. Run a gloved hand roughly over the areas of adhesive that have small pieces of cork tile attached. Sweep the floor and discard the pieces.

  3. Lay a plastic tarp over the floor, directly under the walls you are removing the cork from. Smear on a generous amount of adhesive remover paste and let it sit for the recommended time on the product label.

  4. Scrape the adhesive from the wall with a putty knife once the paste has softened it. Place it in a disposable container and toss it out once the wall is adhesive free.

  5. Wipe the walls down with a warm, damp cloth. Let them dry for an hour before adding any other finish products.