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How to Remove Wallpaper Adhesive From a Camper

Constance Barker

Wallpaper secures to walls in homes or campers with an adhesive. The adhesive helps bind the wallpaper against walls, keeping it from slouching or peeling away. When wallpaper is removed, the glue remains stuck to the wall and requires softening products so it may be removed without damaging the wall's surface. Use gentle products when working on camper walls because of their thinness and risk for damage.

Remove wallpaper adhesive from a camper with baking soda.
  1. Place towels on the floor under the glue on the camper walls to catch any runoff from the cleaning products. Pour 4 tbsp. of fabric softener into a spray bottle filled with warm water. Shake the spray bottle and spray the solution onto the glue on the camper wall. Allow the solution to soften the glue for 15 minutes.

  2. Empty the spray bottle and rinse clean. Fill the spray bottle with warm water and 2 tbsp. of baking soda. Screw the lid back on the spray bottle, and shake to dissolve and disperse the baking soda.

  3. Spray the adhesive on the camper wall with the baking soda solution. Scrub the adhesive with a damp sponge, lifting the glue from the wall. Continue spraying the glue with the baking soda solution as needed.

  4. Wipe the walls down with a damp rag after cleaning all adhesive from the walls. Dry the walls with a clean cloth. Use several cloths to ensure all moisture is removed from the camper walls.