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How to Remove Linoleum Wall Covering

Cameron Easey

A linoleum wall covering is installed in a fashion similar to that used for a linoleum floor. The linoleum comes in sheets that can be cut to specific sizes and are secured to the wall with a glue such as construction adhesive.

To remove a linoleum wall covering, you have to peel away the linoleum and scrape away any leftover adhesive.

  1. Cut a corner section of the linoleum with a utility knife so you can grip it more easily. Make a cut in the top or bottom corner of the wall.

  2. Peel away the linoleum from the corner by gripping the end with pliers and slowly pulling. The idea is to separate the linoleum from the wall without causing too much damage.

  3. As you pull, apply heat to the linoleum and adhesive with a hair dryer or heat gun. The adhesive is more pliable when heated, which will make it easier to separate the linoleum and adhesive from the wall.

  4. Pull away the remaining linoleum to expose the wall. Check for areas where adhesive needs to be removed.

  5. Scrape away at areas of glue on the wall. If it does not come off easily, soften it with a hair dryer or heat gun.

  6. Tip

    Use a solvent such as rubbing alcohol to neutralize the adhesive so it scrapes off more easily. Sand the adhesive from the wall with a handheld sander if the scraper does not work well. Cut the linoleum into smaller strips with the utility knife if smaller sections are easier to work with.


    Don't pull too hard on the linoleum. You might create holes in the wall that will need repair.