How to Attach to a Cement Wall Without Screws

Jonah Morrissey

Renters don't despair. If you have cement walls but can't put screw holes in them, you can still hang pictures and artwork on them, attaching adhesive hooks for a variety of purposes. These hooks come in small, medium and large sizes and are designed to hold a specific weight.

Use adhesive hooks to attach artwork and photos to your cement walls.

The weight rating is printed on the packages of these hooks and should be noted before hanging items on the wall. Make sure the surface is clean so that the adhesive backing on the hooks adheres correctly.

  1. Apply rubbing alcohol to the surface of the wall where you plan to attach the hook. Wipe the surface gently to make sure it is clean. Allow the wall to dry.

  2. Remove the hook side of the backing on the adhesive strip that came with the hook. Center the strip over the back of the hook and press it into place. Rub your fingers over the strip to make sure it is seated firmly against the back of the hook.

  3. Peel the backing off of the wall side of the adhesive strip. Align the hook over the wall where you plan to attach the hook. Press it into place against the wall. Allow the adhesive to set for at least one hour before using the hook.

  4. Tip

    Attach a series of hooks to the cement wall to create a focal wall full of artwork and pictures.


    Follow weight guidelines for the hooks carefully.