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How to Install a Wall Sconce Without Putting a Hole in the Wall

Mason Howard

Interior lighting goes beyond the mere function of providing visibility. Integrate lights with the design of a home and include lamps that will allow for mood control through varied levels and angles of illumination. Unlike bright overhead lamps, the light from wall sconces hits objects from the side, allowing homeowners to create less jarring lighting situations. For easily installed sconces that require no hardware, drilling or electrical wiring, choose battery operated, remote controlled sconces.

Enjoy the subtle illuminations of wall sconces.
  1. Measure and mark the desired location on the wall for the sconce. Sconces are typically hung between 70 and 80 inches high.

  2. Clean the wall where the sconce will connect with a disinfectant wipe. Sand a small patch around the mark to dull the wall, if the paint finish is glossy. Dulling glossy paint will guarantee optimal adhesion. Wipe away the sanding dust with a cloth.

  3. Cut a piece of heavy-duty, hook-and-loop tape to a size that matches the sconce's mounting bracket.

  4. Pull apart the hook-and-loop tape so the hook section and the loop section are separated. Peel the self-adhesive backing from the loop section. For non-self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape, apply industrial strength glue to the backside. Press the loop section to the wall, at the marked location.

  5. Remove the backing or apply adhesive to the hook section of the tape. Stick the hook section into the recess at the back of the sconce's mounting bracket.

  6. Leave the adhesive to dry for the time directed in the manufacturer's directions then secure the bracket to the wall by reconnecting the separated pieces of hook-and-loop tape.

  7. Slide and lock the mount on the back of the sconce onto the mounting bracket. Adjust the light for evenness, if necessary, by pulling the light along with the bracket off the wall, rotating it and sticking it back onto the wall.