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How to Get Washable Markers Off of Walls

Amanda Flanigan

Markers allow children to express their creativity on paper. Sometimes, your little Picasso can become overzealous and create his latest work of art on your walls. Before the birth of washable markers, these little incidents would leave you pulling your hair out trying to remove the markers. Fortunately, washable markers allow for easy cleanup when your child draws on your walls and other surfaces. However, the longer the washable marker stays on the wall the more difficult removal becomes.

Markers are a common sight in homes with children.
  1. Dampen a clean sponge with warm water. Wash the marker gently off the walls with the sponge. If the marker stain persists, continue with the remaining steps.

  2. Apply a water-displacing spray onto a clean cloth. Rub the marker stain gently with the cloth.

  3. Continue rubbing the walls and applying the water-displacing spray until you have removed the marker stain.

  4. Wipe the wall clean with a cloth dampened in cool water. Wipe dry with a towel.