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How to Hang Artwork on a Mirrored Wall

Kochava R. Greene

If you have walls paneled with mirrors or other materials that can't take nails or brads, or if you simply prefer not to damage the surface of your walls in order to hang pictures or other art, there are several alternative options for hanging art. One method is to use products that leave no marks of any sort on a wall and can hold even heavy artwork. These products come in a variety of sizes so that you can select hooks or adhesives that will be invisible when the art is hung.

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  1. Purchase the appropriate non-marking removable adhesive product for the art you want to hang. If you are hanging small items, smaller adhesives will work well. For large items, or non-framed items such as masks or hanging sculptures, select a hook that will hold the weight of the piece. The packaging of each product lists the amount of weight it can hold.

  2. Clean the mirrored surface with rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaner to remove any oils and dirt.

  3. Remove the adhesive backing from the hanger and press the hanger onto the mirrored surface for 30 seconds. Allow it to set for 1 hour before hanging artwork on it.

  4. Remove the front side of the adhesive and press the piece of artwork firmly against it for 30 seconds. Your artwork will stay in place until you decide to remove it. To remove the adhesive, take down the artwork first and then pull on the bottom of the hanger until the entire piece of adhesive peels away from the wall.