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How to Hang CD Cases on the Wall

F.R.R. Mallory

CD cases often have attractive musical artwork that can look cool when it is displayed as a whole. By grouping a lot of cases together, the impact on the wall is more artistic than only using a few. It is a good idea to select a neutral background color that works with the rest of the room so that when a color does come through the gaps it doesn't change the feel of the artwork. Positioning and hanging the cases is simple as long as you start with straight lines.

CD cases with attractive covers can look like an art installation when attached to a wall.
  1. Paint the wall a neutral color so that when parts of the wall are visible they help the cases look like an art installation. Clean the back of each CD case with soap and water and dry with a towel.

  2. Count your CD cases and arrange them on the floor in the order you want for the display. Attach numbered pieces of painter's tape to the cases once you have the arrangement so that you can put the display up in exactly the order you want.

  3. Measure your display. Transfer the measurement to the wall and mark the top, bottom and sides of the display. Draw straight lines around the display site with a light pencil or chalk line to use as a guide.

  4. Attach an adhesive disc plate hanger to the back of each CD case. Lightly wet the adhesive side and gently rub the glue until it becomes sticky. Press the disc to the case with the loop side centered and at the top. Position each disc on each case exactly the same. Allow the adhesive 24 hours to dry.

  5. Place the number 1 disc at the top left corner of your chalk lines. Measure to locate the exact location of the loop. Nail a small picture hanger into the wall at that location and hang the first case. Take the case down and cut a piece of paper the size of the case with a mark for the picture hanger location. Rehang the case.

  6. Place the template next to the first case and mark the picture hanger location on the wall. Nail in the hanger and mark the next case location with the template. Use this system to hang all of your cases.