How to Display China & Crystal in Your Hutch

Amy Mosher

Hutch displays are a gorgeous way to bring color and design into any dining room or kitchen space. Whether to showcase a collection of Grandma's priceless china and crystal or a set of everyday plates and dinnerware, hutches are a beautiful and practical piece of furniture. No matter what the arrangement, harmonious hutch displays have a few elements in common. An appealing display usually is symmetrical in order, coordinating in color and attractive in style.

A well-organized hutch can be a beautiful focal point in a room.
  1. Take all the items out of your hutch, and use furniture polish or glass cleaner to wash the shelves and the glass doors to begin your hutch display.

  2. Insert halogen lights. If your hutch has lighting, insert a few halogen bulbs. This type of light bulb makes your crystal stemware sparkle in the light for a beautiful overall effect.

  3. Select a focal point. Choose a center, middle shelf to display an item which is large and combines all the colors of your collection. This center point brings all the hues together to create a harmonious design.

  4. Choose a theme or style. Attractive china and crystal hutch displays coordinate with the design of the room in which they are located. When planning your collection display, keep in mind colors and the interior design of your room, and mimic it in the hutch arrangement for the most pleasing visual effect.

  5. Display plates with the back plate groove. Most hutches have plate grooves in the back of the shelves to display plates. Set your plates on these grooves, alternating sizes of plates to create visual interest.

  6. Arrange your display in a symmetrical order. Symmetrical design is created when both sides of an arrangement are visually the same. When arranging your hutch display, keep the right-hand and left-hand sides similar in respect to color, type and size of items.

  7. Divide your display by shelves. Approach your hutch display by working on one shelf at a time. Once one shelf is completed in a pleasing way, arrange the next shelf for best results.

  8. Stack bowls, salad plates and teacups with saucers. While many items in your hutch display are showcased by placing them in grooves or arranging them in groupings, pieces such as salad plates, bowls and teacups with saucers are best highlighted in a stacked order.

  9. Add a few accessories. As a finishing touch to your china and crystal hutch display, add a few faux plants such as small topiaries, ferns or hydrangeas among the arrangement for a touch of freshness and color.