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How to Display a Pair of Spurs

Sarah Schreiber

Spurs conjure up images of the Old West, when cowboys roamed the open prairie on horseback. According to the Cowboy Spurs website, these metal spiked wheels worn on boot heels date back to the times of Ancient Rome.

A rider uses spurs to encourage a horse to move faster.

If you own a pair of vintage cowboy spurs and you're looking for a way to add western touches to your home decor, consider displaying them.

  1. Hang the spurs from a necklace stand. Find a stand that has two rungs directly across from one another and place a spur on either side, hanging them from their straps.

  2. Display your spurs on the wall and include them in a medley of other Western-themed items, like a lasso rope and cowboy hat. After visually planning the placement of the objects, install one small hook for each spur and hang them directly on the wall.

  3. Put the spurs onto a pair of cowboy boots for display on a fireplace mantel, book shelf or end table. Place the boots with the spurs next to each other or put one on either side of the mantel or shelf with other items in between them.

  4. Mount the spurs in a shadowbox then hang the shadowbox on the wall. The shadowbox will protect the spurs, making this an ideal display option for an antique pair of spurs.

  5. Use the boot straps to hang the spurs on a Christmas tree for display as distinctive ornaments.

  6. Tip

    The display options for spurs are endless, limited only by your creativity. Come up with unusual ways to display them, such as hanging them from your car's rear-view mirror.