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How to Organize CorningWare

Amrita Chuasiriporn

CorningWare cookware pieces are durable and versatile. In some cases, you may even want to put them in a glass-fronted cabinet on display due to their good looks. However, if you have a lot of CorningWare and simply want to put it away in an organized fashion, the odd shapes can make the process challenging. Developing a strategy to suit the space you have available is essential unless you plan to make or purchase racks or cabinets for additional storage.

  1. Take all your CorningWare out of wherever you have been storing it. Set it all in one place, such as your kitchen table, so you can see everything. Include any lids that go with each piece, as they need storage solutions, too.

  2. Analyze your CorningWare collection critically, taking into account which pieces you use most often. If you use all of them often, then you will need to organize all of them in a beneficial way. However, if you only use some pieces during the holidays, set them aside to store elsewhere -- such as in a holiday box, with your decorations.

  3. Group items together by color or pattern if you will be putting them on display. Otherwise, group them together by size, from smallest to largest. Keep corresponding lids nearby, so they do not become separated from the pieces with which they belong.

  4. Nest any pieces of CorningWare that will fit together comfortably, as this will make it easier to fit more cookware into a given space. Work with your space limitations in mind when nesting, however; it's no fun getting a huge stack of heavy CorningWare off the top shelf of a tall cabinet.

  5. Turn lids sideways and nestle them next to each stack of CorningWare in your cabinet -- if they will fit. If not, perhaps designate a single deep drawer in a cabinet as the place where your CorningWare lids reside. If you have a pot lid rack with room, the lids can also be placed there.