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How to Clean Granite Ware

Melissa Lewis

Granite ware is common in homes—you just might not know it. They are the black-with-white-spots roasting pans and seafood pots. Granite ware also comes in various colors; it is used to make bowls, teapots and colanders.

It is also a collector’s item, as many other types of granite ware pieces are available that people not only use, but they also put the ware on display. Granite ware is also known as enamel ware.

  1. Separate any pieces. Many granite ware seafood pots have several layers that need to be disassembled prior to washing.

  2. Use the dishwasher if the owner’s manual says it is safe. Place the pieces on the bottom rack; use the pots and pans setting. If the manufacture says to hand wash only, proceed to the next steps to avoid any damage and possibly nullifying your warranty.

  3. Use warm soapy water. Soak your granite ware for a few minutes. If you have caked on food, you should let it sit for at least fifteen minutes.

  4. Use a nylon scrub pad, sponge or rag to clean your granite ware. Be sure to clean outside, inside and along the rim.

  5. Rinse your granite ware in warm water. Dry it thoroughly with a towel so that it does not rust in storage.