How to Polish Silestone

Kelly Nuttall

Silestone countertops are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. Daily cleaning will usually take the shine away that was present when the countertop was first installed. You can reapply that perfect, high-gloss sheen every week with a polish that is formulated specifically for countertop materials.

Silestone is made from quartz and metallic materials, and is classified as a polished agglomerate. Any countertop polish that is formulated for polished agglomerates is fair game for your Silestone countertop.

  1. Clean the Silestone countertop surface with your regular household cleaner and allow it to dry.

  2. Shake the bottle of countertop polish well before applying it to the Silestone countertop.

  3. Apply the polishing compound to the Silestone countertop surface with a dry cloth using circular motions. Allow the polishing compound to dry to a dull, hazy film.

  4. Remove the dry polishing compound by buffing it with another dry cloth. Use circular motions again during this process. If a hazy film remains on the surface of the Silestone countertop, clean the countertop off again with your usual cleaning spray.