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How to Remove Film from Granite Countertops

Lisa Chinn

As with any household surface, granite countertops need to be cleaned. They can be washed daily with soap and water but may eventually build up a film of soapy residue. This residue is unsightly and requires a little more effort to clean off. It is best removed with a cleaner specifically made for granite.

  1. Put on rubber gloves. This step is optional, but wearing rubber gloves while washing granite countertops can prevent your skin from getting dried out and chapped.

  2. Wash the countertops with soap and warm water, and rinse well. To clean up normal food spills in a kitchen, wiping countertops off with a sponge and soapy warm water works well. This method is good for cleaning up dirty spots and preventing a film of dirt or food from building up between more thorough washings with a granite cleaner.

  3. Wash countertops with a granite cleaner. When the appearance of the countertop grows dull, the entire countertop should be cleaned with a cleaner made specifically for granite, easily purchased at grocery and hardware stores or online from Amazon.com (see Resources). A granite cleaner can remove any filmy residue from the soap used in regular cleanings, or from hard water mineral residue, leaving countertops shiny again. To use granite cleaner, spray some cleaner on a countertop and wipe the surface with a damp sponge. Follow the directions on the product packaging.

  4. Tip

    To slow soap buildup on countertops, remove as much soap residue as possible with pure water after cleaning with soap.


    According to marthastewart.com, it is best to protect granite countertops with coasters, cutting boards and trivets.

    Avoid cleaners containing ammonia, which can damage granite.