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How to Polish Absolute Black Granite

Kaye Wagner

When granite is clean and polished it has a brilliant shine that can make your floors, counters or backsplashes look pristine and luxurious. Absolute black granite is a very dark and pure black color that can look very glossy when you polish it correctly. If the surface of your granite is cracked, chipped or etched you will need to take it to be automatically and professionally polished. If the surface is dull but otherwise intact, you can polish it yourself at home.

  1. Wet a clean cloth with clear water.

  2. Rub the cloth over the surface of the granite. This will wipe up any crumbs, dust or pieces of dirt. It will also remove any food or cleaning solution residue.

  3. Add just enough liquid dish soap to 2 tbsp. flour to make a thick paste.

  4. Spread the paste over any stains on the granite counter. Stained counters will not shine.

  5. Let the flour paste sit on the area overnight until it dries.

  6. Wet another clean cloth and rub it over the flour paste on the black granite.

  7. Immediately dry the counters with a microfiber cloth. One common reason why granite counters do not shine is that water air dried on it and has made a watermark. Continue drying the granite in circular motions until the granite is polished and bright.

  8. Spray stone polish on the surface of the granite if it still does not appear polished.

  9. Buff the polish by rubbing it with a circular motion until the granite shines.