How to Polish Granite Rock Yourself

Adrian Grahams

Granite is a hard, volcanic rock widely used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplaces, flooring and garden ornaments. Heavy use or exposure to the elements and pollution will give granite a dull and dirty look over time.

Buff granite rock with a non-abrasive polish.

Granite rock is easy to maintain and clean, and you can polish it yourself with a little effort and a few special and basic household cleaners.

  1. Fill a bowl or bucket with hot water and 2 to 3 squirts of dish detergent. Clean the granite rock surface with a clean, soft cloth dampened with the water and detergent mixture. Wipe off any residue and wait for the granite to dry.

  2. Pour a little non-abrasive granite polish onto a soft, dry cloth and apply the polish to the granite rock. Buff the polish into the rock using a circular motion. Continue buffing until the polish has vanished.

  3. Put on rubber gloves. Mix one part isopropyl rubbing alcohol with three parts water in a glass or ceramic bowl. Add a few drops of dish detergent to the solution. Pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle.

  4. Spray the solution over the granite rock. Rub the solution into the rock with a soft, clean cloth. Continue rubbing until the granite rock surface is glossy and sparkling.

  5. Tip

    Polish the granite rock surface using slight rubbing movements for the best results. Buff the granite rock once a month with non-abrasive polish to maintain its luster.


    Wear rubber gloves while mixing and using the alcohol-based cleaning solution.