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How to Use Posters as Wallpaper

S.R. Becker
Make your posters permanent with wallpaper paste.

If you want to cover your walls with something more creative than standard store-bought wallpaper, try making a collage of your favorite posters. Tell the world -- or at least anyone who enters your room -- where you have traveled or what bands and musicians you like. Use the same technique used when hanging advertising posters on outside walls to cover your inside walls. Turn an entire wall or room into a work of art with strategically chosen and placed posters.

Step 1

Wipe the entire wall clean from top to bottom. Use a damp sponge and white vinegar to remove any dirt or grime, which will help your posters adhere better. Allow the wall to dry completely before papering.

Step 2

Open the windows, turn off the lights and remove all faceplates from light switches and electrical outlets. Set the faceplates aside with their screws.

Step 3

Plan where you're going to hang your posters by holding each one up to the wall and lightly tracing around the edges with a pencil. Write a note in each square with pencil indicating which poster goes where.

Step 4

Lay a plastic dropcloth on the floor and lay your first poster face-down on the cloth. Pour pre-mixed wallpaper paste into a painting tray, or mix the paste in a bucket according to the package directions and pour it into the tray.

Step 5

Use a small paint roller to apply paste to the top half of the poster. Fold the top back to meet the middle. Do the same with the bottom half, bringing the ends of the poster to touch. Allow the paste to activate for 10 minutes.

Step 6

Unfold the ends of the poster and stick it to the wall. Working from the center outward, gently smooth out any wrinkles with a hard plastic putty knife.

Step 7

Hang the rest of the posters one at a time, slightly overlapping the edges, if required, to make them fit. Do not cover the outlet or light switch holes.

Step 8

Allow the posters to dry overnight or until they are completely dry to the touch. Reinstall the faceplates for the outlets and light switches.


You might need to prime your wall before hanging posters, especially if you're hanging over glossy paint or old wallpaper. Look for wallcovering primer or sealer in the hardware store. Let the primer dry completely before hanging the posters.