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How to Hang Heavy Frameless Oval Mirrors

Denise Nyland

Hanging a heavy, frameless oval mirror on the wall is a simple two-step project that can be completed in less than an hour. For a professional-looking installation, use a paper template to accurately locate the transverse center of the mirror and uniformly space the mirror clips. The paper template is used to mark the positions of the mirror clips on the wall. Three clips on the bottom of the mirror support the weight of the mirror. Sleeve-type wall anchors provide both vertical and lateral support during and after installation.


Step 1

Spread a large piece of newspaper or wrapping paper on a flat surface. Lay the mirror on the paper. Trace around the mirror with a permanent marker. Set the mirror aside. Fold the paper in half lengthwise, aligning the marked edges of the tracing. Fold the paper in half crosswise again, aligning the marked edges. Stick a pushpin through the folded template on the traced line, about halfway between the center and the outer edge of the template. The pin must pass through all four layers. Remove the pin.

Step 2

Unfold the paper. Mark the vertical and lateral centers of the template where the folds meet the traced lines. Push a pushpin through the top center of the traced line. Hang the template onto the wall with the single pushpin where you plan to install the mirror. Attach a binder clip to the bottom center of the template. The binder clip will act as a plumb bob, holding the template vertical.

Step 3

Stick a pushpin through the lower center fold and through the four pin holes on the edge of the traced line on the template. When you remove the template from the wall, the tiny pushpin holes will indicate the positions of the pilot holes for the wall anchors.


Step 1

Drill pilot holes through each lower pin-hole mark then through the wall. The drill bit should be just large enough to fit the sleeve-type drywall anchors. Push the drywall anchors into the pilot holes so their openings are flush with the wall.

Step 2

Install mirror clips only in the three bottom pilot holes. Align the screw hole in the first binder clip with a wall anchor. Use a screwdriver to secure the mirror clip in place. Repeat this to install the remaining bottom mirror clips.

Step 3

Position the mirror on the wall, just above the installed mirror clips. Slide the mirror in place. Ask an assistant to position the upper mirror clips on the mirror, adjacent to the upper pin-hole marks. Pass the top of a piece of chalk through the screw holes in the mirror clips to mark their positions on the wall. Remove the clips and the mirror.

Step 4

Drill pilot holes through the marks for the upper mirror clips. Install drywall anchors. Reposition the mirror on the wall, supported by the lower clips. Screw the top-center mirror clip to the wall while your assistant holds the mirror in place. Once the top clip is in place, your helper can step aside while you install the two remaining mirror clips.