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How to Install Home Gym Mirrors

Elizabeth Arnold

Mirrors are a convenient addition to your home gym or to the space where you work out. When you have a gym mirror, you can watch yourself while lifting weights or performing other exercises to ensure that you have proper posture.

Watch yourself during a workout to ensure correct alignment.

The handy mirrors are tall and cover most of the wall so that you can watch your full movement during a workout. Hang gym mirrors by anchoring them to a wall with heavy-duty mirror clips, which typically come with specialized fasteners.

  1. Determine where to attach a mirror to the wall. Position the mirror height so that it runs directly above electrical outlets that are in the way. Measure up from the floor, and place a pencil mark where the mirror bottom will rest. Place another pencil mark down the wall where the mirror will end. Snap a chalk line horizontally across the wall from mark to mark.

  2. Find the width of the mirror by measuring from edge to edge. Start at one end of the chalk line, and work your way down the wall to place marks to represent the mirror width on the horizontal snapped line. Measure 2 inches inward from each mirror width mark on the wall, and place another mark in that spot to represent the placement of a mirror clip.

  3. Place one heavy-duty mirror clip against the wall, and align the edge that the mirror will sit in with the snapped horizontal line. Make the clip's outside edge flush with the mark that is 2 inches inward from the mirror edge. Slip the tip of the pencil through the hole or holes in the clip to place marks on the wall at the locations where you'll attach screw fasteners.

  4. Slide a stud finder over the fastener marks on the wall to determine whether or not a wall stud is behind the marks. If a wall stud is present, then place screw fasteners through the slots in the mirror clip, and screw them through the wall and into the stud. If no stud is present, then drill a 1/4-inch hole into the wall, and insert a plastic anchor in the hole; then place a screw fastener through the mirror clip slot and in the anchor, and tighten the screw in the anchor. Repeat this step for each mirror clip across the bottom line on the wall.

  5. Place the mirror into the bottom clips, and press it firmly against the wall. Repeat the procedure for each clip.