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How to Hang Chairs to a Wall

Denise Nyland

Hanging kitchen chairs from the wall was once merely a temporary storage solution. Chairs, when not in use, could be moved out of the way when the table was being used for food preparation. Spare chairs could be easily taken down from the wall when company arrived. Using wall space to store kitchen chairs has regained popularity, especially in homes that lack sufficient storage areas. Once you have chosen a spot to hang the chair that won't impede room traffic, installing hanging hardware takes only minutes.

  1. Measure the width of the top rail of the backrest of the chair. Multiply that dimension by .75 to calculate the distance between the suspension hooks that will be affixed to the wall. Position the chair on the wall where you wish to install it. Mark the wall with a pencil, indicating the position of the horizontal center of the backrest. Using a carpenter's level and a pencil, draw a faint horizontal line through the center mark. The suspension hooks should be placed on either side of the center mark. If you had established that there was to be 18 inches between the hooks, then each hook should be placed 9 inches from the center mark.

  2. Select a drill bit just large enough to drill a hole that will transmit the folded wings of the wall anchor. Drill a horizontal hole through each of the hook-position marks in the wall. Fold the wings of the wall anchors by pinching them toward the center, and place one anchor in each drilled hole. Gently tap the anchors with a hammer so their screw holes are flush with the wall. Insert the threaded shank of an L hook into a wall anchor and turn clockwise to screw it in place. Screw it into the anchor at least 1 inch. Repeat to install the second hook.

  3. Erase the pencil lines on the wall and hang the back of the chair onto the L hooks.