How to Use a Twist Pin for Slipcovers

Ann Struble

Slipcovers offer an instant, inexpensive update to your sofa or chair. One of the common problems with slipcovers, however, is that they don't stay in place. Twist pins are an excellent solution to this problem. Twist pins are exactly what they sound like -- pins that are curly instead of straight.

The heads of the pins are a lower profile than traditional push pins and are usually made of clear plastic.


Twist pins can also be used for keeping dust ruffles, mattress pads and doilies in place.

  1. Position the slipcover.

  2. Insert the point of the twist pin through the slipcover into the decking (the surface under the seat cushions) of the sofa or chair.

  3. Twist the pin until it is fully inserted.

  4. Place twist pins every 4-6 inches around the edge of the decking to keep the slipcover in place.